“Gohar” CV

1947: Born in Cairo, Egypt.

1971: Graduated from the Applied Arts College in Cairo with a BFA.

Studied photography and cinematography.

1971: First job was as a cameraman assistant, producing Egyptian films.

1973: Gohar’s life turned when he volunteered as a cameraman in the war between Egypt and Israel 1973. He began to realize how to use his work as well as his art in building peace between middle east nations.

He joined the media office of Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat. He established Video Cairo - based in Cairo, it started as only him as the sole cameraman (1973), the same year as the war. Video Cairo has been growing since, later partnering with Reuters globally. While covering Sadat he was fortunate to work closely with American contemporaries such as Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, John Chancellor, among many others.

1973-1992: Covered every war and major conflict in Africa, Middle East and Africa .

Since then, Gohar has produced news and entertainment programs for a range of countries including Japan and the Far East, Europe and, of course, the Middle East. He built, owned, and assisted in building many public, private, satellite, and traditional TV channels; among them; BBC Radio and TVArabic in London, Al Jazeera in Qatar, Dream and El Mehwar (part owner) in Egypt, and Egypt TV (public channel). He helped create two TV channels in Iraq; Nahrein (news) and El Qithara. Along with Abdallah Schleifer, he became the first teacher,associated member of Adham Centre for Television Journalism at the American University of Cairo (AUC).


 In January 2011

The Egyptian Revolution began - the day Mubarak stepped down, Gohar launched 25 TV. The producers of 25 TV were all cultural suppliers starting at age 21. The programs were aired directly from Tahrir Square with the music, street art and demonstrators in the backdrop.

25 TV provided ethical structure and journalistic training for young people and their art, using social media as their outlet, during the Egyptian Revolution. The channel supported the goals of the revolution, called for constructive dialogue and positive change, as well as supported civilian based rights and responsibilities.


Topics which Video Cairo sat is always committed to

How we move social media ideas to TV.

How to make television and cinema concerned about the lives of people and committed to their well being.

How to use your art to promote stability which leads to democracy.

How to produce programs that highlight similarities between people and cultures and help bridge cultural divides.

How to produce programs that contradict terrorism.


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