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20-04-2015 Egypt condemns IS massacre of Ethiopian Christians in Libya
The Egyptian presidency issued a statement Monday condemning the massacre in which around 30 Ethiopian Christian workers were either beheaded or shot by militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Libya
20-04-2015 Egypt’s FM meets with Under Secretary Gottemoeller
Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry met on Monday, April 20, with U.S. under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller, in Cairo at the Foreign Ministry headquarters
20-04-2015 International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts kicks off in Cairo
The third round of the International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts kicked off at Saladin Citadel in Cairo, on Sunday, April 19, night. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture and supported by Ministry of Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism and the Cultural Development Fund
19-04-2015 US special anti-ISIS envoy meets Egypt FM, Arab League Chief
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met on Sunday, April 19, with General John Allen, the United States president’s special envoy in charge of the coalition against the Islamic State group (ISIS)
19-04-2015 Egypt celebrates World Heritage Day
The Ministry of Antiquities held a celebration on Saturday in Taz Palace in Cairo to celebrate the occasion of the World Heritage Day
18-04-2015 Two container ships collide on Egypt's Suez Canal
Two container ships collided on Egypt's Suez Canal early on Saturday, April 18, delaying traffic through a vital international trade route for several hours, sources in the canal authority said
18-04-2015 Egypt lists Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis terrorist group
An Egyptian court has listed the militant group Ansar Beit El-Maqdis as a terrorist group, designated its founder and 207 other members as terrorists, Al-Ahram reported. The ruling came upon the request of the prosecutor general
17-4-2015 El-Sisi says no ground Egyptian troops deployed in Yemen
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi visited Cairo’s military academy on Friday, April 17; two days after a bomb attack killed two military students in the northern governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh
17-4-2015 Egyptian Journalist Sherif Choubachy calls for Protest against Hijab
Sherif Choubachy, an Egyptian writer and journalist, has called for a protest against the hijab; he urged veiled women to join the protest without their headscarves
16-4-2015 Security Council approves arms embargo on Yemen's Houthi rebels
The United Nations Security Council approved on April 14, a resolution regarding the situation in Yemen. SC has imposed an arms embargo against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and blacklisted the son of Yemen's former president and a Houthi leader
16-4-2015 International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts to begin April 19
Director of the Cultural Development Fund (CDF) Sector Mohamed Abu-Saada along with Intessar Abdel Fattah, the Founder and president of the International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts held a conference on Wednesday night to announce the final preparations of the third round of the festival.
15-4-2015 Explosion kills two students in Military College, injures three
An improvised explosive device implanted in front of Kafr el-Sheikh Stadium exploded Wednesday where students in the Military College were waiting for their bus killing at least two and injuring at least three others
15-4-2015 Al-Azhar continues to fight extremism by raising values of global citizenship
The Islamic institution of Al-Azhar in cooperation with the Islamic Research Council and the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education in the Arab States held Tuesday a conference on Education for Global Citizenship Values
14-04-2015 Egypt seeks to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Egypt has asked to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia declared their intention to join the organization, said the spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry badr Abdel Aaty days ago
14-04-2015 Arab league’s chief calls for promoting inter-Arab investments
It is important to exert efforts to strengthen intraregional investments to face the current challenges the region faces, said Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil el-Araby Tuesday during the opening session of the Arab Investment Conference
13-4-2015 Egyptians go to parks to celebrate Sham el-Nessim
Thousands of Egyptians in all governorates went Monday to parks carrying traditional herrings to celebrate the national holiday of Sham el-Nessim (Inhaling the breeze) which marks the beginning of the spring
13-4-2015 Seven killed, 25 injured in Arish Police Station explosion
Armed terrorists attacked a police station Sunday in the northern town of Arish in Sinai Peninsula killing a policeman, five soldiers and a civilian as well as injuring at least 25 people
12-04-2015 Egypt’s PM, Arab League Chief greet Pope Tawadros on Easter
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab greeted Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark's Diocese and all Copts on the occasion of Easter
12-04-2015 Luxor Folk Art International Festival kicks off
Luxor Folk Art International festival kicked off Saturday in the southern city of Luxor with the participation of ten folk dance groups from different countries
11-04-2015 Egypt’s Copts celebrate Easter
Pope Tawadros, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, led Easter Mass celebration on Saturday, April 11, on Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo's Abbasiya district
11-04-2015 Egyptian court sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader, 13 others to death
Egyptian court sentenced on Saturday, April 11, Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badei and other 13 defendants to death for inciting chaos and violence against the state
10-04-2015 Egypt's Copts celebrate Good Friday
Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, leaded the Good Friday Prayers at Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo’s district of Abbasiya on Friday, April 10
10-04-2015 Cycling marathon for autism awareness in Cairo
Egypt’s Abbasiya Mental Hospital in cooperation with Cairo Runners group held a marathon for autism awareness on Friday, April 10 in Cairo
09-04-2015 Hundreds in Ismailia attend funeral of police officer killed in Sinai
Hundreds of citizens attended Thursday the police funeral of police officer Momen Abdel Hamid Noman in his hometown of Ismailia after he was killed in an explosion that targeted a police armored vehicle in the city Arish in North Sinai
09-04-2015 Egypt bans imported pharaoh souvenirs
Minister of industry and foreign trade Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour announced Saturday that the ministry has released a ban on all Egyptian souvenirs made in foreign countries
08-04-2015 Independent Current Coalition initiates Arab Front to liberate occupied UAE islands
Independent Current Coalition held a conference Wednesday in Cairo to announce the initiation of an Arab Front dedicated to liberate UAE islands from Iranian occupation
08-04-2015 Chinese Foreign Ministry calls for ceasefire in Yemen
The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed Tuesday its support to calls or ceasefire in Yemen after Russia and the Red Cross demanded the stoppage of the military operations in the country to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of civilians
07-04-2015 PM chairs meeting of committee tasked with amending parliamentary elections law
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab chaired Tuesday the meeting of the committee tasked with amending the laws and regulations of the parliamentary elections held with the participation of representatives of 15
07-04-2015 IAEA stresses nuclear cooperation with Egypt
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met Tuesday with Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry to discuss the cooperation between Egypt and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
06-04-2015 Arab ministerial meeting in Cairo over Palestinian case
The Arab committee charged with political movement for supporting Palestinian case held a meeting on Monday, April 6, at the Arab headquarters in Cairo at the request of Palestine
06-04-2015 Foreign ministry: 525 Egyptians return from Yemen
A total of 525 Egyptians have been deported from Yemen since the start of the Saudi-led military operations against the Houthi rebels, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty
05-04-2015 Policeman killed, 2 civilians injured in explosion on May 15 Bridge
A police officer was killed and two other civilians injured on Sunday, April 05, in an explosion on Cairo's 15 May Bridge
05-04-2015 Army kills 35 terrorists in Sinai after recent attacks
Egyptian Military forces announced that they had killed 35 “terrorists” in North Sinai amid a security campaign against extremist elements involved in killing 15 soldiers and two civilians earlier on Thursday
04-04-2015 El-Sisi says Egypt won't give up its brothers in Gulf
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Saturday, April 4, that Egypt would not give up its brothers in the Arab Gulf and that it would act to protect them if necessary
04-04-2015 Egyptian Court adjourned trial of 17 activists accused of violating protest law to May 9
An Egyptian court adjourned on Saturday, April 4, the trial of 17 people who are charged with taking part a protest on 24 January during which activist Shaimaa El-Sabagh was shot dead. The trial was adjourned to 9 May. Most of the defendants mostly belong to the Party
03-04-2015 Celebrating Orphans Day in Egypt
On the occasion of celebrating the National Orphan's Day, McDonald's (Egypt) sponsored a fun day event at Horreya Garden in Cairo’s Zamalek district
03-04-2015 Funeral of Sinai victims, US strongly condemns armed attacks in Egypt
Hundreds of mourners attended on Friday, April 03, the funeral procession of number of victims of Thursday’s Sinai armed attack which left at least 17 killed including two civilians
02-04-2015 Court postpones rule on appeal against Mubarak’s acquittal
Egypt's Court of Cassation has postponed on Thursday, April 2, its ruling on an appeal against the decision to drop charges against President Hosni Mubarak to May 7, over the killing of protesters during the 2011 January 25 Revolution
02-04-2015 15 soldiers, two civilians killed in Egypt's North Sinai
Gunmen armed with rocket-propelled grenades attacked several military checkpoints in different parts of Egypt's North Sinai on Thursday, April 2, killing 15 soldiers and two civilians
02-04-2015 Saudi military forces thwart Houthis infiltration into Saudi territories
The Saudi military forces thwarted an attempt of Houthis to infiltrate into the Saudi territories, said the spokesperson of the Saudi-led military operation Ahmed Asiri on Thursday in a press conference in Riyadh
1-4-2015 Indian movie star Amitabh Bachchan opens ‘India by the Nile’ festival in Cairo
The Indian movie star Amitabh Bachchan participated Tuesday in the inauguration of the India by the Nile festival organized by the Ministry of Tourism to boost the Egyptian tourism
1-4-2015 U.S. to resume military aid to Egypt
U.S. president Barack Obama called President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Tuesday night to inform him that Washington intends to deliver the suspended arms shipment to Egypt
31-03-2015 Shoukry chairs Egypt’s delegation participating in Syria donors’ conference
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry chaired Tuesday Egypt’s delegation participating in the third international donors’ conference held in Kuwait to support the humanitarian situation of Syrian refugees
31-03-2015 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman coordinate Egyptians exit from Yemen
Egypt is coordinating with Saudi Arabia and Oman to figure out the return of Egyptian nationals from Yemen through the Saudi and Omani borders
30-3-2015 Saudi-led airstrikes continue in Yemen, Houthi pledges response
Airstrikes from a Saudi-led coalition continued overnight and into Monday, March 30, in Yemen following a pledge by Arab leaders during the recent Arab Summit to continue their military campaign until Houthi rebels surrender. The Saudi-led coalition has vowed to keep up the raids.
30-3-2015 Egyptian PM calls for uniting three African economic communities
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab delivered Monday Egypt’s speech in the 18th Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) summit taking place in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa
29-03-2015 Egyptian FM says Arab summit creates joint Arab force
Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil el-Araby and Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry held Sunday a joint press conference in Sharm el-Sheikh to brief media representatives about the results of the 26th Arab summit
29-03-2015 Egyptian FM says Arab summit creates joint Arab force
Arab leaders have agreed to form a joint military force, the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, announced on Sunday on the second and final day of the 26th Arab League summit
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