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Video Cairo has provided a platform for free speech for over forty years and in keeping with this mission VCS has been working tirelessly since January 25th 2011 to document and transmit the free voice of the Egyptian revolution to the entire world.

VCS worked and partnered with the following international clients over the course of the revolution and continues to do so: ABC Australia; AFP (France); Al Hurra (USA); ARD (Germany); ATV (Austria); BBC News (UK); Bloomberg News (UK); CBS News (USA); CCTV -Cairo (China);CCTV English (China);CNBC (USA); CNN - ATLANTA; Fox News (USA) ; Fuji TV (Japan); MBC (USA); NHK (Japan); NOS (Netherlands);  NRK (Norway); ORF (Austria); Reuters (UK); RTI (Spain); RTL (Germany); SBS News (Australia); Sky News (UK); SVT (Sweden); TBS (Japan); TF1 (France); TV Asahi(Japan); TV2 (Denmark); TV2 (Norway); TV3 (New Zealand); ZDF (Germany).

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Sunday 25 January 2015
January 25

Military and Police forces deploy more than 50 emergency teams in Cairo in anticipation of any violent acts may take place in January 25 Revolution Anniversary

Some political forces including Wasat Party, Watan, Gamaa Islamiya, Salafist Front and April 6 Movement called on people to go to public places and to protest
They did not specify any place or time for their protests to avoid clashes with security forces.

Former Belgian Prime Minister, mayor of Belgian state and their accompanying delegation start a six-day visit to Luxor
The Belgian delegation arrives in Luxor Airport at 12 pm and visits archaeological sites.

Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Araby offers condolence for the death of the Saudi king Abdullah
Venue: The Saudi Embassy in Cairo at 11 am.
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King Tutankhamun’s beard broken and glued
Video Cairo covers
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Making a New Egypt
Since its founding in 1973, Video Cairo has been working tirelessly to support free speech and strives to produce unbiased news coverage. Throughout the Egyptian revolution Video Cairo has played a vital role in providing full access of information to both the domestic and international communities.
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